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World’s rarest whale revealed to the world.

M traversii mother

Even in this well-informed age it’s surprising how much we still don’t know about the natural world – especially the oceans!    All whales must come to the surface to breathe, despite this the Spade-tooth whale Mesoplodon traversii (Gray, 1874), an animal over 5m in length, has never been see alive, and until 31 December 2010 no one… Read more »

Killer whales again today, Owhiro Bay

Te Kopahou Reserve, South Coast, Wellington

There were killer whales (orca) hanging around Wellington harbour yesterday – as reported by Anton van Helden, Te Papa’s marine mammal specialist. More killer whales were seen this morning, though I’d don’t know if they are  the same animals. After a txt from Anton I raced down to the South Coast at Owhiro Bay, not… Read more »

I heart the blue whale heart

Holiday fun with the blue whale heart model at Te Papa

Move over big squid – there’s competition at Te Papa for the most popular exhibit these holidays !  You love the blue whale heart in NatureSpace, including crawling into it, stuffing things inside it (like big toy penguins) and having your picture taken with it.  The model was a highlight of the Whales | Tohorā exhibition. It… Read more »

Colossal squid in 3D movie

ARLs 3D glasses © Copyright Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, 2008

Today the Exhibition team got our first taste of what our 3D Colossal Squid movie is going to look like. The exhibition opens in December and it will include Te Papa’s first 3D movie! The production company Animation Research Ltd (ARL) sent us the latest cut of the movie and special 3D viewing glasses. Don’t worry we’ll have normal… Read more »

More on Whales in Washington DC

Derek Lardelli, ta moko artist, is from Whangara on the East Coast of New Zealand. He was in Washington DC for the opening of Whales|Tohorā. Listen to his interview with Kim Hill on Saturday 18 October where he talks about the opening and how the exhibition successfully integrates Māori culture and science.

Whales welcomed in Washington DC

Te Papa’s Whales Tohorā exhibition opened at the National Geographic Museum on 15 October with a traditional Māori dawn ceremony that blew Washington away! This was the same day Chile announced that its waters are now a whale sanctuary- that’s 5,500km of coastal waters protected from whale hunting for commercial or scientific purposes. A good day for… Read more »