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A tribute to font designer Joseph Churchward (1933-2013)

0019-joseph churchward

We would like to pay a special tribute to Samoan artist Joseph Churchward who sadly passed away last weekend. We were privileged to have worked with Joseph in 2008, when my colleague Sean Mallon (Senior Curator Pacific Cultures) and I curated the exhibition Letter Man: Joseph Churchward’s world of type (2008). I recall well Joseph’s sense of humour… Read more »

Sense and Sensibility in the Southern Ocean – A character-building story of albatross and researcher personalities in extreme conditions. Part 6. Terres Inconnues

  • Researchers and logistical support staff unload scientific equipment at the Base at the Crozet Islands in preparation for the field campaign of 2013. Photo: Susan Waugh, Courtesy of Susan Waugh.
  • The field accommodation at Pointe Basse albatross colony can house 6-8 researchers, and is well stocked with provisions to allow monitoring of the colony during ciritical periods throughout the year. Photo: Susan Waugh, Courtesy of Susan Waugh.
  • Wandering Albatross Diomedea exulans tracks from Crozet Islands, tracked during our study in the incubation period, March 2013. The pink track is a female, the blue a male.
  • Betsy takes a rest in the albatross colony as a group of young wandering albatross display in the back-ground]. Photo: Susan Waugh, Courtesy of Susan Waugh.

Here at the Crozet Islands most remote field Cabin, Pointe Basse, we’re conducting a study of the personality of albatrosses, and linking their behaviour at sea with those we can measure at the nest. We’re doing this with the aid of an inflatable blue cow, named Betsy. Betsy helps us in testing how nesting birds… Read more »

Above the treeline at 0m altitude

  • Acaena magellanica growing in a dense sward at Pointe Basse, Possession Island. Photo: Susan Waugh, Courtesy of Susan Waugh.
  • Moss forming ridges across a low hill at Pointe Basse. Photo: Susan Waugh, Courtesy of Susan Waugh.
  • Poa cookii surrounding an albatross nest in a field dominated by Acaena magellanica. Photo: Susan Waugh, Courtesy of Susan Waugh.
  • Moss mats and stream near Pointe Basse. Photo: Susan Waugh, Courtesy of Susan Waugh.

Here at the Crozet Islands in the Southern Indian Ocean, at 41 deg S, we’re well north of what is considered ‘inhabitable’ territory in the Pacific Ocean. However, in comparison this far-flung corner of France, midway between Africa and West Australia, Madagascar and Antarctica, where the waters are cooler and the air is moister, the… Read more »

Ralph Hotere, 1931-2013

Te Papa is deeply saddened by the death yesterday of Ralph Hotere – one of the country’s greatest artists. Our thoughts go out to his family, his friends, and the arts community. Ralph once commented that ‘There are few things I can say about my work that are better than saying nothing’. Keeping this in… Read more »

The Canterbury earthquakes: a small act of kindness

  • This Too Will Pass by Sarah Read, 2012. Te Papa.
  • this-too-pc2
  • this-too-pc2
  • This Too Will Pass ny Sarah Read

12.51pm today marks the second anniversary of the 6.3 earthquake that caused severe damage and resulted in the loss of 185 lives in Christchurch and its suburbs, with many more injured and displaced. Two years on the citizens of Canterbury are still struggling to rebuild their city and lives. While stories of frustrations with bureaucracy… Read more »

Game Masters – The Forum announced

Masaya Matsuura, of NanaOn-Sha (Japan)

Game Masters – The Forum taking place on March 4–5th at Te Papa in Wellington, brings together game developers, artists, educators, researchers, and filmmakers. The goal of the forum is to share knowledge and expand awareness of game development opportunities – both in New Zealand and abroad. ‘Attendees will shatter the stereotypes of games and discover… Read more »

Kaboom! Radical Reactions

A kaleidoscope of cabbage-based colour. Photo: Kate Clarkin. © Te Papa.

Kaboom! Radical Reactions 3…2…1…science is go! Pink foam oozed from bottles, film canisters flew up in the air and cabbage juice turned from purple to blue in the blink of an eye. Kaboom! Radical Reactions was the first in Te Papa’s series of summer science shows. With over 100 kids watching the shows over three… Read more »

Human Video Games!

  • Discovery Centre Staff hard at work at the craft table at the Human Video Games event.  Photo: Maraea Rihari.  © Te Papa.
  • Destinee Robinson putting the maze to work.  Photo: Maraea Rihari.  © Te Papa.
  • Human Video Games Sign.  Photographer: Maraea R.  © Te Papa.
  • Human Video Games Event. Photographer: Maraea R. © Te Papa.

I am immediately intrigued. Human Video Games? My mind conjures up little stick figures being chased through a maze by giant Cheezles with teeth!  Mmmmn…Cheezles…anywayyy, as soon as the event kicks off at 1pm on a scorchingly hot day at Te Papa,  I find an excuse to meander down to the Human Video Games event,… Read more »