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Its a 14 Year old!!


Usually February 14 is a day where the lovers of the world get to indulge their romantic sides in the buying of fine food, nice flowers and maybe even jewellery of sorts, St Valentine’s Day at Te Papa has a second layer of celebration attached. It’s our birthday! So, as our social media person posted… Read more »

Canterbury Earthquake: The Heartstrings Guitars Display and Concert this Sunday

Heartstrings Seven Guitars made by Bruce Pickering.

As the nation approaches the first anniversary of the 22 February quake in Canterbury, Te Papa would like to invite you to join us this Sunday between 10.00am–6.00pm for an amazing event – Heartstrings.  Seven extraordinary handcrafted guitars commemorating the loss of life and buildings in the Canterbury earthquakes will go on display at Te Papa,… Read more »

Is Te Papa Your Friend or Foe?

Well, Kia Ora everyone – Firstly, I’d like to introduce myself, I’m Filipo Katavake-McGrath, the communications person here at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa and you can find out more about me here  I’m going to start up a discussion, the first of many for the next year … basically I’d like to… Read more »

Black Beauty is here…

  • The NZL A1GP car in the Wellington Foyer, Level 2. Copyright Te Papa 2009.
  • NZL A1GP car wheeling past the blue whale's heart model in NatureSpace. Copyrigth Te Papa 2009.
  • Copyright Te Papa 2009.
  • Black Beauty nose cone, back of house. Copyright Te Papa 2009.

I’ve been quiet on my blogs as I’ve been away for a while, but heard a lovely rumour at work this afternoon about a new car in the building – an A1GP car! So a camera was borrowed (thanks Norm!) and off I went in search…. walking smartly coz you shouldn’t run Not in the dockway…… Read more »

The race is on!

  • Check out Mrinali's rear wing and double rear tyres - what would Max think of that? © Te Papa, 2009.
  • Liri's car was questioned by other constructors as it didn't conform to FIA rules. © Te Papa, 2009.
  • Constructor Jonathan insisted his car be number 1. © Te Papa, 2009.
  • Check out Mrinali's rear wing and double rear tyres - what would Max think of that? © Te Papa, 2009.

In Inspiration Station yesterday there was a flurry of frenzied activity as the Discovery Centre pit crew hosted an hour of Formula One activities Spectators were allowed into ‘trade secrets’ such as how heavy an ordinary car tyre is compared to a bigger, fatter, but lighter F1 tyre. They also found out about the revolutionary… Read more »