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If I were a squid, how would I mate? Ask Isabella

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  • A Squidie embrace
  • Isabella Rossellini as a Squid
  • Isabella Rossellini as a squid

In a passionate 20-armed-embrace Isabella Rosselli would say. Clad in a squid suit, Isabella explains the mating habits of our cephalopod friends in her quirky, family-friendly Green Porno series of short movies on SunDance Channel.  I was amazed at how well she explains squid mating habits – they are quite strange and not really much… Read more »

Porcupine fish on Petone foreshore

Puffer fish helmet, 1900s, maker unknown. © Te Papa.

I had a call yesterday from Wellington’s Dominion Post newspaper needing an expert to identify some fish found washed up on the Petone foreshore.  Andrew Stewart, Te Papa’s fishes collection manager, identified them as porcupine fish. Andrew says that the porcupine fish lives around in-shore reefs, especially along our northern coasts where divers commonly see it… Read more »