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So long and thanks

  • Here's looking at you
  • Bruce Marshall with the squid in the display tank
  • Sewing up cuts in the tail and mantle
  • Lowering the squid into the display tank

We’re about to wrap up here for another day. Rob’s not going to start adding in the glycol until tomorrow- you can find out more about that in Rob’s post. Steve will also do some more stitching. Then the lid will be put on the display tank and the preservation tank will be dismantled. The… Read more »

Long term storage solution – glycol

Ethyline glycol © Copyright Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, 2008

Hi, it’s Robert Clendon, Conservator at Te Papa. After all the sewing up, we need to prepare the Squid for long term display. This involves draining the water that it’s sitting in at the moment. This will remove any residual formalin that is not bound up into the animal. That is fixed in with its… Read more »


The cradle is going to be lifted out of the preserving tank and left to drain for a few minutes. Then the cradle will be manoeuvred over to the new display tank using the two hoists. The cradle will be lowered into the tank and removed. At first we thought we’d leave it in the… Read more »

More about the eyes…

Hi This is Bruce Marshall, Collection Manager Mollusca, from Te Papa. When we turned the specimen we confirmed that the eyes were oriented antero-laterally. In other words the animal looks pretty well straight forward rather than from either side if its head. Other squid have eyes on the side of their head but they can… Read more »

Cosmetics (again)

Mark Fenwick with the implant bag

Hi Mark here, Steve and I just made some water wings just in case the students fall over in the tank! Not! Actually to give the mantle some cosmetic shape. If you have seen the shots of the squid next to the ship you will know that she is now really a deflated version of… Read more »

The eye – great photos

The eye - © Copyright Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, 2008

Now that the squid is in the cradle you can really see the eye – and see that it does indeed look forward not out to the side. The black bit you can see is the opening – it is about 12cm across. But remember the mass of the whole eye is much bigger. You… Read more »

Lunch break in the autopsy room!

If you’re watching Squid Cam you’ll notice people have headed off for some lunch. Rob seems to be busy though sorting out the glycol and getting it all ready to put into the new display tank.

Mark tells us what the squid feels like…

A very friendly squid! © Copyright Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, 2008

Hi Mark here, just thought you might like to know how our squid feels after three months in the fixing solution. To my touch the arms are now firm and don’t “give” in the way they did when we first defrosted her. The mantle however still has a covering of the jelly like substance that… Read more »