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How to keep tabs…

  • There it is! © Copyright Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, 2008
  • Can you see the tag? © Copyright Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, 2008
  • Ready for the squid . . . .
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Earlier this week, after Te Papa had closed, the staff in the exhibition preparation team took down all the creatures hanging from the ceiling (ranging from small diving petrels, to albatross, swordfish, sharks and seals). Most will be cleaned and rehung in a new configuration for the new colossal squid exhibit. So how do you… Read more »

It’s the Final COUNTDOWN…

© Copyright Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, 2008

…. now I can’t get the song out of my head! For all you squid fans out there who’ve been waiting eagerly – and patiently for news on our beautiful colossal squid: It’s (just wait – I’m counting the days back in my diary…) 23 days ’til she goes on display here at Te Papa… Read more »

Building the Squid exhibition

Yesterday, 17 November, the exhibition team started to install the Colossal Squid exhibition. Wow – only 24 days to opening! The Squid exhibition is going to be installed into part of an existing exhibition space –  Mountains to Sea. So yesterday the hoardings were put up to block off the space and the install team came in…. Read more »

Colossal squid in 3D movie

ARLs 3D glasses © Copyright Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, 2008

Today the Exhibition team got our first taste of what our 3D Colossal Squid movie is going to look like. The exhibition opens in December and it will include Te Papa’s first 3D movie! The production company Animation Research Ltd (ARL) sent us the latest cut of the movie and special 3D viewing glasses. Don’t worry we’ll have normal… Read more »

Mounting a squid

Mark kent and Robert Clendon preparing the squid for exhibition. Image copyright Te Papa

Work is underway preparing the mounting system for the colossal squid in its display tank. Unless the squid is supported by acrylic mounts it will remain a collapsed heap on the bottom of the tank – not very appealling! To display it in as realistic pose as possible a series of supports will be manufactured… Read more »

Swimming with cockatoos?

Measuring the colossal squid.   Image Copyright Te Papa

As part of our exhibition we want to ‘bring the squid to life’. So we’re developing an animation to give you an idea of how the squid lives and how it swims.  Only problem is– nobody has ever seen a live colossal squid swimming, so nobody knew what it would look like! So it was over to the Te… Read more »

Squid – the inside story

  • Arrow squid beak, upper and lower
  • Arrow squid have awesome eyes
  • opening up the mantle
  • Dissecting an arrow squid

It’s a lovely spring Friday morning in Wellington. What else would we (Pamela, Chris and Judy – our brave and newest squid team member) be doing other than dissecting a couple of nice fresh squid from the local wholesale fish supplier? It’s all in the interest of bringing you a bigger and better exhibition on the colossal… Read more »

Here’s looking at you (in the dark)

Colossal squid eye

Bioluminescence (light produced by living animals or plants) is common among squid – it is estimated that two-thirds of all squid genera contain bioluminescent (light producing) species. Light production using photophores (special light producing structures) can be found nearly anywhere on the body of some squid species: the most common ones are: ocular (eye) photophores; on the… Read more »

Colossal squid countdown… to 13 December 2008

ETech staff fitting the lid.

Saturday 13 December 2008 has been confirmed as the day that Te Papa’s colossal squid will go on display – just in time for Christmas! On this day visitors to Te Papa in Wellington will be able to see the female colossal squid – the world’s most massive invertebrate, weighing 495 kilos – on display for the first… Read more »