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Expect the unexpected

The latest report on the squid work has come through from Hutch Wilco, one of our exhibition team. Hutch has been working on the squid project since May last year and has become “intimately” acquainted with the squid and its tank. He tells me that alterations to the tank have gone very smoothly. All the new… Read more »

Shelley and the squid

New Zealand museums and galleries had a treat this week when Shelley Bernstein, the Chief of Technology at the Brooklyn Museum in New York paid us a flying visit. This was all thanks to our generous friends at the National Library, especially Courtney Johnston. After a thought provoking lecture on Tuesday at the National Library… Read more »

Double pumps and improved circulation

  • New pump on the left, with filters in the centre and to the right.
  • Don installing a second pump system in the squid tank
  • Work in progress on the squid and its tank
  • Working on the squid and its tank

We have men at work on the squid tank again today. Working on the squid and its tank I caught up with Don, one of our contractors, just before he was heading off to lunch after a hard morning’s work on the tank. He’s putting in a second pump and filter system into one end of… Read more »

Disappearing hooks, or not?

Close up view of the amazing rotating hooks on a freshly thawed colossal squid

More news from the squid tank. This morning I caught up with Robert Clendon the conservator who is looking after the work on the squid. Over the past few weeks we’ve been a bit concerned about the hooks on the tentacles and the arms. It looked as though the hooks could be disappearing. Not something we wanted… Read more »

Good news from the squid inspection

  • The squid tank with the display ends removed and most of the liquid drained off.
  • The colossal squid covered in plastic in the tank.
  • The colossal squid covered in plastic in the tank, with the lid off.
  • img_05582

On Tuesday we started remedial work on the colossal squid and her tank. Things are going very well and to schedule. Yesterday we put up the barriers around the tank and lifted up the huge lid, using a forklift. We then drained most of the liquid out of the tank. That’s not as simple a… Read more »

Men at work – fixing the squid

We’re working on the squid! Tuesday 10 March –  Thursday 19 March 2009 Level 2, free entry The colossal squid has been on display now for 3 months and it’s time for a bit of a makeover and a check-up. So from Tuesday 10  March we’ll be doing some work on the colossal squid and its… Read more »

More about squid, now online!

The Te Papa blog is growing and diversifying and it’s all good.  It reflects the range of collections and expertise in the museum which span art, history, science, plants, animals, fossils, taonga Maori, and the Pacific.   Check out the recent art blog posts, along with posts on spiders, plants and even fossil tuatara. Among world museums… Read more »

I heart the blue whale heart

Holiday fun with the blue whale heart model at Te Papa

Move over big squid – there’s competition at Te Papa for the most popular exhibit these holidays !  You love the blue whale heart in NatureSpace, including crawling into it, stuffing things inside it (like big toy penguins) and having your picture taken with it.  The model was a highlight of the Whales | Tohorā exhibition. It… Read more »

Kia ora Mr President

Pamela's Obama squid

To ‘honour’ Barack Obama as the new American President I’ve made him a squid. Possibly not one of the honours he was thinking of when he took office but I thought he’d like it anyway. You can follow his squid adventures: Go to the Build a Squid interactive, Click on ‘Find your squid’,  then ‘Search for… Read more »