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Colossal squid – happy birthday ‘two’ you

Pamela's squid, now 2 years old!

It’s hard to believe but the colossal squid at Te Papa has turned “two”. Time flies when you’re having fun! Today my squid, “Pamela”, is 730 days old – she is 2 years old.  She now weighs an impressive 306 kilograms (about another 180 kilograms to go before she’s the same weight as the colossal… Read more »

Colossal squid at Te Papa turns one year old

Pamela's one year old squid

Hey squid fans Time flies when you’re having fun! The colossal squid at Te Papa has turned one year old. Now’s a good time to check out the squid you made on Build a Squid. See how old you’ve got, how much you weigh (eek) and what you’ve been getting up to. My squid is 368… Read more »

If I were a squid, how would I mate? Ask Isabella

  • rossalinigreen
  • A Squidie embrace
  • Isabella Rossellini as a Squid
  • Isabella Rossellini as a squid

In a passionate 20-armed-embrace Isabella Rosselli would say. Clad in a squid suit, Isabella explains the mating habits of our cephalopod friends in her quirky, family-friendly Green Porno series of short movies on SunDance Channel.  I was amazed at how well she explains squid mating habits – they are quite strange and not really much… Read more »

Loch Ness Squid on Google Earth!

Image of Google Earth care of

The blog-o-sphere is reeling today with supposed sightings of the Loch Ness Monster on Google Earth! Check it out – we wonder whether perhaps Nessie and our Colossal squid are related? Weird co-incidence number 2 is that during the squid defrost, some of the scientists nick-named our squid ‘Messie’ - after the scientific name Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni. For… Read more »

A new giant squid specimen!

Te papa's freezer - giant squid and other specimens awaiting processing.

A three-metre giant squid specimen washed up on a beach on Wellington’s South Coast yesterday (2nd April). In comparison with our colossal squid it’s a bit small, but because it’s small it’s interesting! Find out about the difference between Colossal and Giant squid. The squid was found in shallow water by Alana Spragg and her… Read more »

Squid – done and dusted!

Smile - it's the end of a long week working on the squid.

Breaking news from our squid fix-it team – the work is complete and we are on track to reopen the colossal squid exhibition to the public from tomorrow 21 March 2009. Yesterday Robert Clendon our Conservator and Hutch Wilco, one of our exhibition preparators finished the last few tweaks to the squid itself. They  managed to… Read more »

Expect the unexpected

The latest report on the squid work has come through from Hutch Wilco, one of our exhibition team. Hutch has been working on the squid project since May last year and has become “intimately” acquainted with the squid and its tank. He tells me that alterations to the tank have gone very smoothly. All the new… Read more »

Shelley and the squid

New Zealand museums and galleries had a treat this week when Shelley Bernstein, the Chief of Technology at the Brooklyn Museum in New York paid us a flying visit. This was all thanks to our generous friends at the National Library, especially Courtney Johnston. After a thought provoking lecture on Tuesday at the National Library… Read more »

Double pumps and improved circulation

  • New pump on the left, with filters in the centre and to the right.
  • Don installing a second pump system in the squid tank
  • Work in progress on the squid and its tank
  • Working on the squid and its tank

We have men at work on the squid tank again today. Working on the squid and its tank I caught up with Don, one of our contractors, just before he was heading off to lunch after a hard morning’s work on the tank. He’s putting in a second pump and filter system into one end of… Read more »

Disappearing hooks, or not?

Close up view of the amazing rotating hooks on a freshly thawed colossal squid

More news from the squid tank. This morning I caught up with Robert Clendon the conservator who is looking after the work on the squid. Over the past few weeks we’ve been a bit concerned about the hooks on the tentacles and the arms. It looked as though the hooks could be disappearing. Not something we wanted… Read more »