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B.T.W. – it’s a girl

  • Eggs of the colossal squid
  • Colossal squid eggs - actual size
  • Colossal squid eggs actual size (arrow) on Steve O'Shea's finger
  • emma-006

We just found the ovaries – the specimen is a girl! Here’s an image from the microscope video (x150) – showing a bunch of eggs….the ovaries are full of several thousands of eggs!

Formalin fixing


The specimen is thawed and we now have to add formalin to preserve it – as formalin is toxic the scientists have to wear full protective gear while pumping 600 litres into the tank. The smaller specimen is being preserved by injecting 3% formalin into the tissue. Once the formalin has been pumped into the… Read more »

A very careful process


As the scientists were attempting to move the colossal squid, it became apparent how gelatinous the tissue is. We want to keep the squid as intact as possible for display, so they are reassessing how to turn it successfully. Currently there are 6 people assisting – but it has been decided to leave the specimen… Read more »

What does a squid feel like – according to Emma

  • Emma and the gladius
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  • emma-0111

Emma touches the smaller colossal squid Phew-wee! Never thought I’d be saying this but…. I’m becoming a squid geek! I’m Emma – you might’ve just seen me on the various cameras (not sure which is my best side) – I work at Te Papa and couldn’t turn down this once-in-a-lifetime invite to see THE SQUID. My… Read more »

Thanks from the birthday boy

Hi all, I have been so busy today that I haven’t had a chance to reply to many posts, so I thought I would at least say that I have never had so many birthday wishes from so many countries. We’ll be busy for a few hours yet so I may not do the usual… Read more »



The scientists have completed taking measurements. Olaf (above) has just been studying the caecum (gut) of the smaller colossal specimen which was thawed yesterday.  It needs to go into formalin asap so we have moved the first of the three 200 litre drums of formalin into the lab. The formalin will be injected into the… Read more »

We want to display our colossal squid

Hi, Pamela here. What an amazing day! I’m the interpreter for the squid exhibition which means I have to digest all the squid info to make it easy and interesting for all you squid fans out there. We’re hoping to display the colossal squid later this year. We’ve got lots of things to work out… Read more »