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Adrian Kingston

Adrian Kingston I’m currently Digital Collections Senior Analyst at Te Papa, working to make our digital collections and information as available as possible, in as many useful ways as possible. I’ve been at Te Papa since 2001, working in the Art and Photography collections before moving into Collections Information in 2004. I’ve previously worked at Hawke’s Bay Museum and the National Library of New Zealand.

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Alan Tennyson

I'm a Curator of Vertebrates at New Zealand's national museum - Te Papa. My main research interests relate to the biogeography of New Zealand's biota, extinction, bird palaeontology, bird taxonomy, and population monitoring and conservation of seabirds.

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Antony Kusabs

I'm a Collection Manager with the Science team at Te Papa. I'm the one responsible for the day-to-day management of the Te Papa herbarium (WELT). Which primarily includes care of the plant collection, research support, contributing to collection development (field work), answering enquiries, delivering tours and hosting visitors. Most of my botanical experience has been with forest plant communities nation wide. I'm interested in patterns of succession. Also naturalised plants, their spread, and impact on indigenous plant communities and the wider ecosystem.

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Athol McCredie

I am curator of photography at Te Papa. My job involves building up the photography collection, selecting work for exhibitions, writing articles, giving talks, and answering public enquiries. I began working in the field of photography in the mid-1970s, when I was employed in the darkrooms of the former National Museum. I also exhibited my own work around this time and am now faced with its embarrassing preservation in several public collections. My first curatorial project, in 1978, was on the Levin photographer Leslie Adkin, and I’ve produced many exhibitions and pieces of writing since. My most recent publication is Brian Brake: Lens on the World (Te Papa Press, 2010).

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Ati Teepa

Audience Engagement Facilitator. Museum for the future.

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Carlos Lehnebach

I am a Curator of Plants at Te Papa Tongarewa. My research interests include systematics and evolution of the Southern Hemisphere flora, orchid pollination biology and the archaeobotany of Southern Chile. During my studies I have collected and studied plants from Chile (my home country), Argentina, Peru and New Zealand. My current research projects include exploring species boundaries within New Zealand plants of the genus Uncinia (hook grasses) and Myosotis (forget me not). I am also working on the production of an interactive identification key for NZ hook grasses.

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Catherine Halbleib

Since March 2009 I have been working at Te Papa. First as Collection Development officer and since September 2010 as Loans Officer. Te Papa is committed to lending its collection items to non-profit organisations for public exhibition or to approved institutions for research purposes. And we at the Loans Team co-ordinate and negotiate the lending and borrowing process.

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Heidi Meudt

I am research scientist at Te Papa, specializing in taxonomy, evolutionary history, and biogeography of flowering plants. Because my job is focused on research, most of the work I do happens “behind the scenes” at Te Papa, in the lab, or in the field. When I’m not studying plants I enjoy spending time with my family, travelling, learning languages, and practising yoga.

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Hokimate Harwood

Hokimate’s present interests centre around feather and hair identification in Te Papa’s Māori, Pacific and History collections. Archival and photographic collection research of the taonga Māori records has recently traced the movements and provenance of some of the Museum’s taonga and established connections with iwi Māori. Past research has included work on kererū (native pigeon) diet and ecology. Iwi affiliation: Ngāpuhi

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Leon Perrie

I’m one of the Botany Curators, and help to look after Te Papa’s collection of dried plant specimens. I specialise in the taxonomy (i.e., naming) and evolution of New Zealand’s ferns, often using DNA analyses to address issues that can’t be resolved by consideration of the external features of the plants alone. I enjoy exploring new places, even if it is only to see plants I’ve never before encountered in the wild!

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Lissa Mitchell

Curator Historical Photography at Te Papa whose main interest is early photography and its relationship to New Zealand. Lissa's posts share Te Papa’s superb historical photography collection.

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Matthew O'Reilly

Object Support Preparator - Framing of Paintings Exhibition Services

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Sarah Farrar

I'm the Senior Curator Art at Te Papa. My personal area of expertise is in contemporary art (both New Zealand and international art). I have a particular interest in examining exhibition histories and the social reception of contemporary art. My current research projects include examining historical and contemporary approaches to art collection displays, and exploring innovative approaches to art education and interpretation.

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Sarah Morris

I’ve worked at Te Papa as an Interpreter on and off for a very long time (since 1996!!) I’m often asked how many foreign languages I can speak, and I answer ‘Just one – English’. You see, I interpret or translate concepts and content rather than languages. Basically I work in a big team of happy, shiney people to make sure that the exhibitions make sense to other people. I live in a big extended whanau (family) with 4 kids, 2 nephews, 1 partner, heaps of aunties and uncles and 5 chickens. The 5 chickens are all called Mrs Brown. My favourite things to do are laughing and dancing, although last time I busted a move, I busted my leg and I didn’t think that was funny at all!

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Sean Mallon

Talofa lava, my name is Sean Mallon and my current role is Senior Curator Pacific Cultures. I look forward to sharing stories that connect the Pacific Cultures collections to history and current events in New Zealand and the wider world.

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Victoria Leachman

I’ve been Te Papa’s Manager Rights since August 2007. I manage the rights team of media & image researchers and the media sales & licensing advisor, I administer Te Papa’s portfolio of trademarks; watch out for changes to copyright legislation to make sure that Te Papa’s processes are up-to-date; and give advice to staff on copyright and licensing questions. One of the main projects I’m working on is Collections Online where I determine whether an artwork or object is in copyright and, if it is, ask the copyright owner for permission to publish images of the artwork or object in Collections Online. I have a background in museum collection management and I’ve previously worked in collection management roles at Te Manawa, Tairawhiti Museum and the National Maritime Museum, UK.

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