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Shakespeare like you’ve never seen it before

As part of our Valentine’s Day programme, we’re performing Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet…like you’ve never seen it before. In fair Te Papa where we lay our scene, throughout next 15-minute Shakespeare will be taking the stage. It’s a rip-roaring journey though one of the world’s most famous plays in just fifteen minutes. Will Te Papa’s… Read more »

Kids’ Poetry Competition – Discover Love Festival

Do you like writing? Are you aged between 5 and 12 or do you know someone who is? Could you write a sonnet like Shakespeare or a limerick of love? Te Papa’s Discovery Centres are holding their first ever poetry competition! There are two age categories: 5 to 8 and 9 to 12. Prize: The best… Read more »

What do you dream?

  • Little Lotus exhibition Photographer: Kimberley Gustavsson © Te Papa.
  • Little Lotus exhibition Photographer: Kimberley Gustavsson © Te Papa.
  • What do you dream? Photographer: Kimberley Gustavsson © Te Papa.
  • What do you dream? Photographer: Kimberley Gustavsson © Te Papa.

Inspiration Station is home to some new, poignant photographs. Taken as part of Little Lotus Project, we’re really pleased to have them exhibited in Te Papa.  Run by volunteers from New Zealand, Little Lotus Project is a collaborative art project, linking international artists with refugee children on the Thai/Burma border and aiming to bring colour… Read more »

Kaboom! Radical Reactions

A kaleidoscope of cabbage-based colour. Photo: Kate Clarkin. © Te Papa.

Kaboom! Radical Reactions 3…2…1…science is go! Pink foam oozed from bottles, film canisters flew up in the air and cabbage juice turned from purple to blue in the blink of an eye. Kaboom! Radical Reactions was the first in Te Papa’s series of summer science shows. With over 100 kids watching the shows over three… Read more »

All action after school club

After School Club posing for the pinhole camera Photo: Kimberley Gustavsson. © Te Papa.

A team from the Discovery Centres recently spent nine Wednesday afternoons together with nine awesome tamariki (children) in a trial run of Te Papa’s first after school club. Through the after school club we wanted to learn, together with the tamariki, about the stories Te Papa tells. We also wanted to find out how everyone… Read more »

Have a crafty Christmas

  • Walking in a Winter Wonderland with a festive headband. Photographer Kimberley Gustavsson © Te Papa.
  • Three winter wonderlanders. Photo Ruth Hendry. © Te Papa.
  • Festive snowman headband. Photographer Kimberley Gustavsson © Te Papa.
  • Get Christmas crafty in the Discovery Centres. Photo Ruth Hendry. © Te Papa.

Meri Kirihimete, Merry Christmas and season’s greetings to you all! This Christmas, Te Papa Discovery Centres are getting crafty. From party hats to pretty pōhutukawa brooches, there’s something for everyone to make. Yesterday we turned PlaNet Pasifika from a sunny Samoan home to a winter wonderland by making our festive headbands. With glue, glitter and cotton… Read more »

Our tamariki turned into dragons!

  • Visitor wearing a dragon mask
  • Visitor wearing his dragon mask
  • Discovery Centre hosts and visitors wearing dragon masks
  • Michael Discovery Centre Host wearing dragon mask

On Saturday and Sunday, visitors to the museum were given a shock. Our NatureSpace hosts had turned into dragons! Luckily, they didn’t look too scary. Every weekend between 11am-12noon the Discovery Centres have free craft activities for children and families. Last weekend children made their own dragon masks: scary, silly and surprising. There were some… Read more »

Behind the scenes at Deep NZ

Bizarre blobfish, toothy sharks and curious coral can all be found at Te Papa this summer! Our host team got a sneak peek behind the scenes at the new Deep NZ exhibition before it opened to the public, with a fantastic talk given by Rick Webber, the curator of the exhibition. Full of weird and… Read more »

Name our monarch butterflies!

NatureSpace has an exciting new display – monarch butterfly caterpillars! Watch them grow from a caterpillar to a butterfly. We need your help. The caterpillars don’t have a name! What should we call them? Put your suggestions in the comments, tweet them to @tepapa or email We’ll pick the best two names and let… Read more »