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Presenting the McLaren-Honda MP4-4…

The McLaren MP4-4 on display in the Design Museum, London

… especially for Sam 🙂 Formula One™ – The Great Design Race will have 9 cars on display – so I thought I’d give you a taster of what you’ll see when you come. Of course an image on a blog doesn’t come close to seeing the real thing! This car seriously rocks – it dominated… Read more »

Formula One at Te Papa… and a little chair waits…

Visa Platinum Gallery, empty and waiting...

We’ve carefully deinstalled the precious Monets and others – they’re already back in Boston… Nearly all the walls have been taken down… The Visa Platinum Gallery on Level 4 here at Te Papa is pretty much empty – in fact I think the last time I saw it so empty was for Henry Moore in… Read more »

Kitty litter

Recovering the Suzuki out of the gravel pit

Manfeild track has some great straights to get your speed up – and some tricky corners. My favourite (because I’m a ghoul) is the first corner at the end of the straight where the cars start off from. Lots of cars spun out on that corner over the weekend – no driver was hurt, most being able to point… Read more »

Burning the rubber

Porsche tyres - slicks above, treaded below

Tyres – very important things! This weekend’s racing meet has been interesting in that we’ve had a variety of weather conditions – very wet on Saturday, slightly damp Sunday morning and dry in the afternoon, with the rain turning up YET AGAIN for a bit of fun. I was talking with one of the Porsche team mechanics about… Read more »

Smoothly does it

Adjusting the wings on a Toyota Racing Series car

The shape of all these cars is incredibly important – they’re designed to move as smoothly as possible through the air. Sticky out bits causes friction and can slow you down. But if you are too aerodynamic and travelling at very high speeds this can get furry when you talk about handling and control –… Read more »

V8 alley

  • Legs under car
  • Body under car shot 1
  • V8 alley
  • V8 alley

Each of the car series have their own areas, so as you’re walking through it becomes Mini city or Suzukiville. I checked out V8 alley mostly because I know that my bro would expect me to. So this blog is for you Patrick 🙂  There are 23 cars racing in this series, with two races today…. Read more »

On the grid

  • The Marshals organising the V8s
  • All the tyres you might ever need
  • Dummy grid for the Porsche GT3 Cup
  • Dummy grid complete with the Pit Marshals

The dummy grid is where the cars get organised by the grid marshalls before going out onto the starter grid for the race. It reminds me of when you take your car onto the Cook Strait ferry. You have to turn up at least an hour earlier so they can organise the cars in a… Read more »

Getting up close

  • The pits seen from beside the track
  • The pitts seen from media room balcony
  • Pits viewed from beside the track
  • View of the pits from the media room

I’ve been very lucky and been given a media pass (thank you Graham 🙂 ) which allows me to get out into the pits and up very close by the track – very cool! The pits are used by the Toyota Racing Series cars. All the other races (V8s, Porsches, Minis etc) come from their… Read more »

First impressions at Manfeild

Unfortunately I’m no spring chicken and you’d think that I would be pretty knowledgeable about my likes and dislikes by now. But I’ve surprised myself – I think I may be… *sigh*… a racing petrolhead groupie. You see, I don’t even know the proper name to call myself! It hit me as soon as I… Read more »