Ngā Toi Christmas Quiz: The Winner!


Vivienne Morrell receiving her quiz prizes from Mark Stocker, Curator Historical International Art

The great Ngā Toi Christmas Quiz has a truly triumphant winner, Vivienne Morrell, of Wellington. She wins a Te Papa voucher, wine and Belgian chocolates, a pretty cool combination. Her set of answers was little short of brilliant: she only struggled with part of one question, which was fiendishly difficult anyway. Congratulations, Vivienne! Now, here’s a question for all of you: would you like more quizzes with prizes, covering all areas of Te Papa? Let us know if so!

Here are the questions, and Vivienne’s answers…

1. Where can you find a frightening notice about a murder?
James Bragge, Victoria Hotel, circa 1875 – near the door of the hotel

2. Which art work daringly depicts two women lovers?
Louise Henderson, Les Deux Amies, 1953

3. There’s a Picasso in one art work.  What is it and where is it?
Picasso, Child with a Dove, 1901 in Graham Fletcher, Untitled, 2010

4. We’ve recently enjoyed the artist’s sink that you weren’t allowed to use.  Now there’s a naughtier fitment on display and you certainly can’t use that either!  What is it and where is it?
A toilet in Derrick Cherrie, NZ Studio, 2001

5. There are two references to Shakespeare/ Shakespeare heroines in Ngā Toi.  What are they and where?
One is to Cleopatra in Robert Walrond’s photo, Cleopatra in Domain Cricket Ground, 1914. I didn’t find the other. [The other Shakespeare reference was the head of the ‘Bard of Avon’ reproduced in the 1885 photographic album, the Memorial to England’s Glories, alongside Drake and other great men.]

6. There’s a dangerous creature lurking about that looks as if it could spring into life and bite you!  What is it and who made it?
Francis Shurrock, Snake, sculpture, 1955

7. Where can you find lilies and fish in the same art work?
Ralph Hotere, Still Life, 1959

8. What caused two young women to dance with joy in the street in June 1919?
The official end of WW1 – Germany announced they would sign the Treaty of Versailles and did so on 28 June 1919

9. Which photograph should carry a health warning?
Peter Waller, Portrait of a Man Smoking, circa 1950

10. Which is the silliest photograph in Ngā Toi? (There are several candidates!)
My suggestion is: F. R. Lamb, Margery, Leo, Jeffrey – comic, 1960. Or Ava Seymour, The Orange Bathroom, which does look rather odd, but perhaps not ‘silly’!

6 Responses

  1. Stella Ramage

    Well done Vivienne – that quiz was fiendishly difficult! On a different note, regarding the value of seeing works ‘in the flesh’: I was familar with reproductions of that early Hotere Still Life (1959) but they did not prepare me for the impact of the real thing – wow! I had a similar visceral experience with my first real-life Mondrian … It underlines the importance of physical as well as virtual museums and galleries.

    • Mark Stocker

      It was tough but at least a couple of the questions were relatively easy – the health warning and the silliest photo! I will bear this in mind if and when I set another exam… sorry… quiz!

  2. Denise

    Yes please, more quizzes, they’re a great grown-up activity to do in Nga Toi.

    • Mark Stocker

      Thank you. I will pass on your message – watch this space! Mark

  3. Rebecca Browne

    Congratulations Vivienne – good sleuthing!


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