The Great Ngā Toi Christmas Quiz!

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Hmm, this has got to be the toughest ever quiz since Rodin made me!


As promised, here is the great Ngā Toi Quiz!

Prizes include: goodies from Ngā Toi store, Belgian chocolates and possibly something liquid!

Answer EACH of the following:

1. Where can you find a frightening notice about a murder?

2. Which art work daringly depicts two women lovers?

3. There’s a Picasso in one art work.  What is it and where is it?

4. We’ve recently enjoyed the artist’s sink that you weren’t allowed to use.  Now there’s a naughtier fitment on display and you certainly can’t use that either!  What is it and where is it?

5. There are two references to Shakespeare/ Shakespeare heroines in Ngā Toi.  What are they and where?

6. There’s a dangerous creature lurking about that looks as if it could spring into life and bite you!  What is it and who made it? 

7. Where can you find lilies and fish in the same art work?

8. What caused two young women to dance with joy in the street in June 1919?

9. Which photograph should carry a health warning?

10. Which is the silliest photograph in Ngā Toi? (There are several candidates!)

1. The first entry drawn with a correct set of answers will win.  If the quiz proves too difficult, then the ‘pass’ mark of 7/10 will be the threshold.  A second prize may be awarded.
2. Te Papa art curators and Ngā Toi hosts are not allowed to enter, sorry!
3. Closing date: 4 January 2016.

Answers to:

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