Tokelau Language Week Five Minute Quiz 2015

Malo Ni! This week is Vaiaho o te Gagana Tokelau (Tokelau Language Week) and the theme this year is Tōto hau tōkiga nei, aua na tupulaga e fāi mai: Plant a seed today, for the future generation. Our work in the Pacific Cultures team is driven by similar aspirations to develop and protect our Tokelauan collection for future generations.

As a team we try to use gagana Tokelau in the research and care of our Tokelauan collection. Our Tokelauan collection of 314 objects includes taka (woven reef sandals), tuluma (containers) , toki (adzes) and vaka (canoes). To round off Tokelauan language week and give you an opportunity to practise your gagana Tokelau we have come up with this year’s Tokelauan language week five minute quiz.

Good Luck!

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  1. Mae Moala

    I chose (B) because I haven’t heard of low coal atoll, Tokelau is a coral atoll, if the option (A) was misspelt, someone has to correct it.

    • Nina Tonga

      Hi Mae, Thanks for picking up on this typo and for bringing it to our attention. We have made the correction to the question so it should now read ‘low coral atoll’.

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