Niue Language Week Five Minute Quiz 2015

Fakaalofa lahi atu! This week is Niuean Langauge week and the theme is, “Tau tagata Niue, tau magafaoa Niue, fakaaoga e vagahau Niue – Niue people, Niue families, use vagahau Niue”.

As a team we aim to use vagahau Niue in relation to our collection of Niuean artefacts. Te Papa’s Pacific Cultures collections have around 290 artefacts associated with Niue, including vaka (canoes), hiapo (tapa) and potu (mats). To round off Niuean Language week we have looked through our collection of Niuean artefacts to bring you this year’s Niuean language week five minute quiz.

We hope that you have been practising your vagahau Niue this week because it will definitely come in handy!

Kia monuina (good luck)

Kia monuina (good luck!)

16 Responses

  1. Jody

    Isn’t the last answer supposed to be sika? not tika?

    • Nina Tonga

      Hi Jody. Thanks for your question, in our collection the term ‘sika’ has been used for the dart head and the term ‘tika’ for the full dart, although I have seen the term ‘sika’ used as well. It would be great to get your view on this.

    • keleme

      In most cases of vagahau niue the “T” when followed By an “i” or an “e” is pronounced as an “s”. The “s” Being used instead of the “T” is a more modernised way of spelling

  2. Maria Feilo

    Thankyou I enjoyed this quizz 🙂

    • Nina Tonga

      Thanks for your comment Maria. We will be posting another quiz next week.

  3. Mary Aue

    Thank you Nina, loved it and very educational 🙂

  4. Lorraine Liufalani

    This was a great website. I actually looked up on our history about a month ago when I stumbled upon our king back. Thank you for sharing.

    • Nina Tonga

      Fakaaue lahi Lorraine for your comment.

    • Roi Ngatae

      I got 60% hehe not bad for non-niuean aye Sia haha shows ipaid attention these last 2and a half years lol

  5. Tyrone holamotu

    This was awesome loved it I have learned something about my niue island ,
    I’m still on a learning curve for both information and the language itself but Fakaue lahi for the quiz

    • Nina Tonga

      Hi Tyrone. Thanks for your comment, it’s great to hear you learned something new about Niue through our quiz.

  6. Yvonne Moleu (Molesi)

    Great to see Niue quiz on line nd facebook

    • Nina Tonga

      Thanks for your comment Yvonne. I’m glad that the quiz is being shared on Facebook.


    Awesome Quiz. thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂

    • Nina Tonga

      Hi Amanda. Thanks for taking our quiz, it’s great to hear you enjoyed it. If you are keen on quizzes, we will be posting another quiz next week for Tokelau Language Week.

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