Writing Gallipoli: The scale of our war – Part 2

How’s your war slang, cobber? A1 you reckon?
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Whence comes ‘the top brass’? The etymology of war
In my earlier blog, I talked about writing from the soldiers’ perspective and creating our narrator – ‘the grunt’. An unexpected outcome was learning about the origins of many words we use today (we writers get a geeky kick out of this sort of thing) and the vivid language that grew from the battlefields of World War I. We were guided by etymology dictionaries and Papers Past (all hail the National Library digitisation group!).

Here’s your chance to test your knowledge.

Were these words used on landing day, 25 April 1915 – yes or no?


Brush up on your war colloquialisms:

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Watch out for more blogs on writing the show, including the Māori stories.

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