Five Minute Quiz… Niue Language Week 2014

Fakaalofa lahi atu! This week is Niue language week and the theme is ‘Fakaako, Fakaaoga, Fakamau-Kia Mauokafua e Vagahau Niue – Learn, Use, Retain – Maintain our Vagahau Niue’.

Te Papa’s Pacific Cultures collections have around 290 artefacts associated with Niue, including katoua (clubs), kato (baskets), lei (necklaces) and tao (spears). This week we will be sharing some of the collection highlights with you through our blog and via Twitter and Instagram, so make sure to follow us.

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To start this week off we have come up with another five minute quiz! This time we are testing your knowledge of Niue, commonly referred to as the ‘Rock of Polynesia’.

Click the start button below and give it a go!

Niue Language Week Quiz

31 Responses

  1. Fisi Leolahi

    AWESOME 10/10 100% !!!! Interesting quiz 🙂 !

    • Nina Tonga

      Well done Fisi! Thanks for taking the quiz and leaving a comment.

  2. Ngano

    Hahahhaha 90% ohh well

    • Nina Tonga

      Hi Ngano,
      Thanks for taking our quiz, 9/10 is an impressive score!

  3. Josie Tamate

    Aced it 🙂 Had to use logic to answer the last question on Che Fu 🙂

    • Nina Tonga

      Fakaaue lahi Josie and well done on getting a perfect score 10/10!

  4. Walter Kawikakai'ulani Aipa

    Awesome Quiz! 6/10! Not bad for someone who didn’t know Niue existed until a few months ago. 🙂 Aloha!

  5. Margaret Siosikefu

    …had the brain ticking there for a bit! I know who Che-Fu is and love his songs but his album covers??? That one caught me out!!! And I was too quick to answer the 1st Q…was fun!!!

    • Nina Tonga

      Fakaalofa lahi atu Margaret. We are glad you enjoyed the quiz and sorry we tripped you up on a few questions.

  6. Char Tukiuha

    That was AWESOME! — but got the Che-Fu quiz wrong (smiles)

  7. Amanda Nichols

    that was a really cool quiz. I got the first question wrong 🙁

    • Nina Tonga

      Hi Amanda,
      Judging from the previous comments I think a few people got the first question wrong. We’re glad you enjoyed taking the quiz and thank you for leaving us a comment.

  8. Des

    Great Effort, got caught on the very 1st question (90%).. good test for our overseas based Niueans..

  9. Charlotte Pihigia

    Great quiz…sorry Che-Fu got your question wrong 🙂

  10. Felicia Pihigia

    Great initiative! Need to brush up on my Che Fu facts 🙂

  11. Lisa Posimani Chapman

    10/10 This Niuean Fruit Salad deserves a Complimentary trip to the ROCK. Is there a draw? lol Monu Tagaloa ke he tau tagata Niue oti ne nonofo he motu mo lautolu ne takai viko he lalolagi.

    • Nina Tonga

      A perfect 10 well done Lisa!
      Sorry no draw although that’s a great idea – we would probably try and enter too. Thanks for your comment.

  12. Haden

    HHEhe not bad at all…a few flukes lol

    • Nina Tonga

      Thanks for your comment Haden. We are glad you enjoyed the quiz and managed to fluke a few of our questions.

  13. Deve Talagi

    Very funny, got caught in the first 2 questions. Us in Niue have different interpretations.

    • Nina Tonga

      Fakaalofa lahi atu Deve,
      Thank you for taking the quiz and for your comment. Sorry we caught you out on the first two questions although 8/10 is a very impressive score.

  14. Taito Nakalevu

    Great initiative to promote the Niuen language/week.

    Working in Niue as part of the development community has helped in my responding to some of the questions.

    • Nina Tonga

      Fakaalofa lahi atu Taito,
      Great to hear that your work experience in Niue helped you through the quiz. Thanks for supporting this initiative and for taking the time to leave a comment.

  15. Clinton Mauvaka Chapman

    Good quiz to illicit interest from at least secondary generation Niueans’ overseas


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