Fijian Five Minute Quiz

Bula Vinaka! This week is Fiji Language Week 2014 and the theme is ‘Noqu vosa, noqu iyau talei’ – My language, my treasure’.

Te Papa’s Pacific Cultures collections have around 2816 artefacts associated with Fiji, including  adornments, fans, masi (tapa) and photographs. This week we will be sharing some of the collection highlights with you through our blog and via Twitter and Instagram, so make sure to follow us.

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To start this week off and test your knowledge of all things Fijian we have created the Fijian Five Minute Quiz.

Click the start button below and give it a go!

Fiji language week quiz

8 Responses

  1. Walter Kawikaka'iulani Aipa

    Mahalo e Nina! Awesome quiz!

    • Nina Tonga

      Ni sa bula Walter. Thank you for your comment and for taking the time to do our quiz. We hope to bring you another quiz soon.

  2. Tekura

    This is great! A nice brisk walk through Fiji his/her/histories. A great way to learn and challenge one self. Looking forward to more quizzes – no pressure. 🙂

    • Nina Tonga

      Vinaka Tekura, glad that you enjoyed our quiz. We hope to bring you more quizzes soon.

  3. Ledua Taucilagi

    Awesome quiz but I got 1 mistake.

    • Nina Tonga

      Bula vinaka Ledua, 9/10 is an impressive score! Thank you for taking our quiz.

  4. Leon

    Thanks Nina! I certainly didn’t get 100%, but I did pass – hopefully enough to be let through again at Nadi airport.

    • Nina Tonga

      Bula Leon. Thanks for taking the quiz, we hope you enjoyed it.

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