Science Live: Colossal Squid – today!

Our scientists are readying themselves for a day of examining the colossal squid, preparing for the unexpected – and letting you all in on how they research such a rare, huge animal.

Watch the live stream below, from 11am NZST. Our host will be Veronika Meduna from Radio New Zealand’s Our Changing World:


Throughout the whole day, we’ll be showing you the scientists at work as they examine the colossal squid. This schedule is approximate – as everything is going out live, we’re going to be moving with the scientists! If the colossal squid has defrosted faster than expected, we’ll be undertaking the examination of the specimen earlier than planned.

  • 11am – Introduction to the colossal squid
    Interviews with Dr Susan Waugh, Te Papa’s Senior Curator Sciences; Dr Kat Bolstad, visiting scientist from Auckland University of Technology; and John Bennett, Skipper of the ship San Aspiring, the fishing vessel that caught the colossal squid.
  • 11.30am – Schools’ Section: Get your questions answered
  • 12am–2pm – Interviews with Auckland University of Technology students; dissection of arrow squid; scientific examination of colossal squid
  • 2pm – Questions from viewers; wrap up of scientific examination

Get involved

If you have questions for our squid scientists, email We’ll answer your questions during the live show.

For regular updates and the latest on the colossal squid, follow:

Visit Te Papa’s colossal squid website to find out more about this species.

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  1. gorokun

    My first time to see such a giant the squid. Where is this the squid found ?

    Thank you

  2. Fernanda

    Which is the growing rate of colossal squid?

    Thanks, pura vida!


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