Tū whitia te hopo | Feel the fear and pronounce it anyway! Tip 2

Having trouble pronouncing kupu Māori?

Here our next tip from kaiako Joan Costello.

Tip 2

Split syllables after vowels and before consonants.

Mo/ko/we/ri                            Dinosaur

(mo, ko = Or    we = There   ri = Three)

Mo/ko/hi/ku/roa                    Tyrannosaur

(mo, ko = Or     hi = Three     ku = Two   ro = Or     a = Are)

Remember to use Tip 1 ‘Are There Three Or Two’

This anga pōhatu is not a mokohikuroa, but it is waiting for you to find it in Bush City.

Mosasaur in the fossil pit. Copy right Te Papa

Mosasaur in the fossil pit. Copy right Te Papa

Come and check out our new exhibition about mokohikuroa.


You’ll find:

This is a mokohikuroa with feathers!


You’ll also see a mokoweri with an upoko the size of our pounamu on the Marae!

lowres_T rex 2

Arohatia te reo – give love to our reo and give it a go!

Mā te wā…

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