Taking a second look: working in the Pacific collection…

Since 2007 we have been taking a ‘second look’ at cultural artefacts from the Cook Islands, Niue and the collections of East Polynesia. In the process we have found a few of our favourites things and more than a few that we haven’t seen in a while. You can read about this work here:

Cook Islands Collection

Niue Collection

East Polynesia Collections

Photography set up for a hank of coconut fibre (sennit) cord.

Photography set up for a hank of coconut fibre (sennit) cord.

Over the coming months we will be taking you behind the scenes as we go through our collections from Samoa and Tokelau. We will be re-photographing, checking descriptions and in some cases uncovering the people and stories associated with our collection.

You can follow our work via our blog and through Te Papa’s Instagram account http://instagram.com/te_papa#

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