Science Live: Secret World of Ferns broadcast

If you missed the live broadcast of Science Live: Secret World of Ferns, it’s now on YouTube so you can watch it now or anytime you like.

The video explores the surprisingly complicated life-cycle of ferns, how to distinguish the different kinds of tree ferns, and we see inside the room holding Te Papa’s collection of plant specimens.

Te Papa is currently running a  citizen science competition Find ferns and win!. Entry details are here (closes 31 May 2014).

Enter the competition

The prize is either a natural history book from Te Papa Press or a personal tour of Te Papa’s botany collection.

You can get your eye in for ferns with our quiz: Is it a fern?

Hound's tongue fern, Microsorum pustulatum.  Photo (c) Leon Perrie.

Hound’s tongue fern, Microsorum pustulatum, has its spore-producing capsules in circular, orange clusters on the underside of its fronds. Photo (c) Leon Perrie.

Here are links to more information on topics covered by the Secret World of Ferns:

And, finally, if you’d like to try connecting with ferns in a different way, try our personality test: What fern are you?

Mamaku, Cyathea medullaris. Photographer: Leon Perrie © Te Papa

The tree fern mamaku, Cyathea medullaris. Photographer: Leon Perrie © Te Papa

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