Science Live: Expedition Snares Island for teachers

You may have seen on our blog that our next instalment of Science Live is happening on March 18. This episode will focus on Te Papa scientists’ recent trip to Snares Islands, about 200km south of Fiordland.

Science Live is great way for teachers and students to learn about some of the important scientific work that Te Papa scientists are doing and why it is important to New Zealand. As our scientists talk about their field work your students hear directly from our experts and the science they are doing right now!

This episode has strong links the New Zealand Curriculum, with a particular focus on:

Nature of Science

  • Understanding about science;
  • Communicating science;
  • Participating and Contributing; and

Living World

  • Life processes
  • Ecology
  • Evolution

Before the live streamed event on March 18, we will be uploading a series of videos  to our You Tube channel that were filmed on Snares Island that introduce you to the island and what can be found there.

If you or students would like to ask our scientists a question there are several ways to do this:

  • On Twitter using the hashtag #sciencelivetepapa
  • By emailing
  • Via comments on Te Papa’s blog
  • By commenting on the videos uploaded to You Tube.

Remember, the live stream is broadcasting on Tuesday March 18 at from 2 – 2:30pm on Te Papa’s You Tube Channel

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