Meet National Services Te Paerangi

Hi there Te Papa blog readers,

My name is Tamara and I work for a team at Te Papa called National Services Te Paerangi.

This is my first post on Te Papa’s blog, so I thought I’d get started by telling you a bit about what National Services Te Paerangi does, and who we are.

NSTP staff and Te Papa workshop facilitators ready for action

National Services Te Paerangi works throughout New Zealand in partnership with museums, galleries and iwi, offering a range of practical and strategic programmes aimed at ensuring the sector’s sustained vitality and success. If that very official statement is a bit too dry for your taste – we are the museum sector support team based here at Te Papa. We provide support and advice for museums, galleries and iwi caring for taonga to help them achieve their goals. We offer things like training and professional development opportunities, funding grants, connections with experts in various areas of museum work, resources, and so on.

NSTP training workshop in progress

When Te Papa was in development during the 1990s, an act of Parliament was passed which said that Te Papa was to assist other museums in providing a national service. And here we are, providing that service, along with other externally-focused teams at Te Papa like Loans and Touring Exhibitions. (If legislation is your thing, you can read the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa Act 1992 right here.)

I‘m really lucky in that I get to work with a great bunch of people. This is the National Services Te Paerangi team (and my hair doesn’t look like that anymore!).  We have three staff who live and work regionally – our Museum Development Officers Sally August and Judith Taylor live in Gisborne and Nelson respectively, lucky things. Iwi Development Officer Gavin Reedy lives in Halcombe, near Feilding. The rest of us work out of Te Papa’s main building in Wellington. We are a diverse bunch with a wide range of experience working in museums and with iwi, and we share a passion for Aotearoa New Zealand’s heritage and cultural organisations.

NSTP can provide funding and training towards care of taonga

And that group of great people is just the National Services Te Paerangi team. What I really love about my job is getting to work with dedicated and talented museum and gallery staff all over New Zealand. The heritage and cultural organisations in this tiny country are populated with some brilliant people!

In my next posts I’ll tell you more about some of our programmes and services. If you are so excited by the prospect of National Services Te Paerangi that you want to know more right away, you could have a look at our website. Otherwise, stay tuned!

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