WearableArt™ Windows: Maia – Wellington High School

Our WearableArt™ themed windows series continues with Maia from Wellington High School and another take on the Longhorn Beetle image from yesterday.

The Longhorn Beetle used for Maia's inspiration. Photographer: Te Papa, © Te Papa

The Longhorn Beetle used for Maia’s inspiration. Photographer: Te Papa, © Te Papa

My name is Maia Holder-Monk and I am in Year 13 student studying Fashion Technology at Wellington High School.

The photo of the Longhorn Beetle jumped out at me with its vivid colours and intricate detail. The joints and contrast of flexible and tough parts of the beetle’s body and shell had an inspiring mix of beauty and function. My initial design process was experimental with shapes and silhouettes, which lead to creating a unique shape which challenged traditional ideas of proportion and conventional clothing, I believe that this is what blurs the accepted boundaries between fashion to become wearable art. The bold colours and the idea of self-built armour can be seen as influences and portray the way nature has evolved to form natural protection and defense systems.

Maia's design sketches. © Maia Holder-Monk

Maia’s design sketches. © Maia Holder-Monk

The design of armour for female characters in various forms of media, its sexualisation and disempowering lack of function made me passionate to take a feminist stance on this wearable art piece and explore reclaiming strength, ability and empowerment.

Having the opportunity to use unconventional materials from snaplock bags to 3D printing has expanded my repertoire and enabled innovative takes on traditional techniques.

Maia's finished garment in our Brandon Street Te Papa Store. © Te Papa

Maia’s finished garment in our Brandon Street Te Papa Store. © Te Papa

This has been very exciting developing my techniques, and trialling ways to use my vinyl backdrop, I am looking forward to how the bold pattern and colour comes out. I am now starting to construct the bottom half of my garment, which will hopefully all go to plan!

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  1. Julia White

    Im loving seeing what you all come up with, such wonderful talent.


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