WearableArt™ Windows: Lia – Queen Margaret College

Our second to last of the WearableArt™ themed windows series features Lia of Queen Margaret College and her take on the Kowhai flower.

The Kowhai flowers used for inspiration by Lia. Photographer: Te Papa, © Te Papa

The Kowhai flowers used for inspiration by Lia. Photographer: Te Papa, © Te Papa

My name is Lia Penny and I am currently in Year 13 studying Materials Technology at Queen Margaret College. I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to make a wearable art garment to be displayed in the front windows at Te Papa during the 2013 season of WOW Wearable Arts.

The photo from the Te Papa photography image collection that really inspired my whole garment was the Kowhai flower. The gold colours and the curved shapes of the Kowhai flower petals stood out to me the most and that is what inspired me to design my garment. I am pleased to see my garment design coming together now in the construction stage. I have just completed making my bodice which includes an embellishment feature made out of Pak ‘n’ Save yellow plastic shopping bags. By using a heat gun over the plastic bags I discovered it shrivelled up and made a flower like shape that linked to the Kowhai flower shape and colour of my design.

Lia with her finished creation at Te Papa. © Te Papa

Lia with her finished creation at Te Papa. © Te Papa

The way I plan to use my Kowhai flower photo banner material is by incorporating it into the skirt of my design. I have cut out the flowers and leaf shapes in the photo mosaic and will include these cut-outs on the skirt and in a neck piece that will be an outstanding feature of the garment.

I really enjoy working with and testing unconventional materials in order to create a garment that is unique and creative. I hope to create a garment that has not been seen or displayed before and one that really captures the attention of the public. I love seeing my garment design sketch coming to life and seeing how far my imagination can go, and seeing it displayed in the windows at Te Papa will be such a proud fulfilling moment, even though throughout the process of creation there are many tasks and obstacles that have to be worked through.

I am very grateful for the opportunity that I have been given and I hope to make the most out of it by creating an amazing garment that I am proud of and that Te Papa store will be proud to display.

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  1. ann baden

    Hia Lia I am very proud of you and think this dress is so beautiful you are a talented young lady. love nancy

  2. Sue Christie

    Hi Lia – your kowhai dress is just fantastic – warmest congratulations – you are so creative and your design is very sensitive and thoughful – I am so proud of you and your achievement and I am sure you are really proud of you too. Love you heaps and so so so so proud of you XXXXXX Sue


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