WearableArt™ Windows: Hannah – Wellington High School

For the final of our WearableArt™ themed windows we take a look at Wellington High School’s Hannah who was inspired by a close up photo of seaweed.

The image of seaweed used to inspire Hannah's creation. Photographer: Te Papa, © Te Papa

The image of seaweed used to inspire Hannah’s creation. Photographer: Te Papa, © Te Papa

My name is Hannah van Seventer, I am currently taking Fashion Technology at Wellington High School. I am excited to have been given the opportunity to be a part of Te Papa’s World Of Wearable Arts displays.

Hannah's sketch of her garment's design. © Hannah van Seventer

Hannah’s sketch of her garment’s design. © Hannah van Seventer

The image I have chosen to use for the project is the close up image of seaweed. This immediately inspired me as I was interested in the unique layers and dimensions of the swirled shapes and colours of the seaweed. As I began my ideation process I played around with manipulating the image to create different patterns and shapes to gain a greater understanding of the image and to connect with my personal responses. I found this process of ideation to be extremely organic and natural and I think that this is reflected in my final design images.

Hannah installing her garment at Te Papa. © Te Papa

Hannah installing her garment at Te Papa. © Te Papa


Throughout the process I wanted to explore combining the earthy tones of my design with some of the strong lines and forms that are evident in my inspiration image. Through analysing previous WOW garments I became increasingly interested in the idea of perception and how it will play into the overall effect of my display. My inspiration image lent itself extremely well to this idea and as I continued my ideation I discovered my inspiration image to have the nature of a ‘rorschach’. My final aim is to create a display that will allow the viewer to react in their own unique manner and take something away that is powerful and personal.

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  1. janet schurink

    Dear Hanna, we are thrilled to see your work. You are the most artistic person in the family it seems. We wish you good luck,from Henk and Janet ( America.)
    p.s. if you ever visit NY again you must stop in Vermont to see us. we re only 4 hours away from NY. I do not have a web site but our daughter Renee , who lives right behind us has one ; shanderhof farm.com


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