Winter serial – Alice in Wonderland, part three: who stole the tarts

It was the most curious game that Alice had ever played.

Only the Cat’s head appeared.

Very soon they came upon a Gryphon.

The Lobster Quadrille.

‘The trial’s beginning!’

She was growing larger again.

The King had been busily writing in his notebook.

The whole pack rose up into the air.

And up in the air is where fate and the randomness of history leaves this story as far as we can tell it.  You can read more about John Tenniel and his Alice drawings on the Harry Ransom Centre’s website [link no longer works].

Previous episodes:

Part One: Down the Rabbit Hole

Part Two: The Mad Tea Party

New story coming soon.

All images about 1900, London. W. Butcher & Sons from the illustrations of John Tenniel. Te Papa

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