Te Aka Matua Reading Room opens

Te Aka Matua Reading Room Photographer: Kate Whitley © Te Papa

Te Aka Matua Reading Room. Photographer: Kate Whitley © Te Papa

The Te Aka Matua Reading Room was blessed and reopened in its stunning new space on Te Papa’s Level 4 mezzanine on the 28th June. It  is a welcoming, comfortable area to work in, it contains the non-science rare book collections, museology books, Carter Collection and many other resources.   The Reading Room also holds a special and unique collection of thousands of individual files on New Zealand and international artists.  Free Wi-Fi and photocopying facilities are available. This space is open to all staff and the public by appointment.

A new Humanities Library with wonderful research space opened 2 weeks earlier. This is located on the 4th floor. The Science library collection is located in the Hector Room in our Tory St premises.  All of the resources in all the library collections are accessible and available to the public and can be identified via the online library catalogue on the Te Papa website.

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