Learn ferns in Wellington, 2

Are you interested in learning more about ferns, and in the Wellington region?

The talk in March was so popular that Otari have asked me back for round two.  I’ll lead a walking-talk through the fernery at the wonderful Otari-Wilton’s Bush, Sunday 23rd June 2013, beginning 2pm from the Otari Information Centre.

Close up of the scales of Cyathea (left) and the hairs of Dicksonia (right). Photos Leon Perrie, © Te Papa.

There are two major groups of tree ferns in New Zealand.  One is scaly (Cyathea, at left); the other hairy (Dicksonia, at right). See them up close at Otari.  Photos Leon Perrie, © Te Papa.

Interested in learning ferns, but not in Wellington?  You might find this link useful:

How to learn ferns.

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  1. Leon Perrie

    The 23rd June 2013 walking talk has been cancelled because of storm damage to the Otari fernery.


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