Digital utopia

Bruce – deranged, 2004, Auckland. Sean Kerr. Purchased 2006. Te Papa

I have been thinking about digital and new media art again this week ahead of a panel I am part of tomorrow night (20th) discussing collecting media art (Adam Art Gallery, 6pm).

In 2008 I wrote an essay for the Aotearoa Digital Arts Reader, (btw, the essays from the book are now available in PDF form on the ADA website) in which I argued that media art pushes gallery professionals and artists to re-examine how they participate in the care, storage, interpretation and display of artworks – particularly art works that are ‘born’ digital because they are made using software.

Te Papa has a small number of new media art works in the collection including Sean Kerr’s Bruce – deranged (above), and Stella Brennan’s ZenDV; Bluescreen and Bars and Tone (below).

Four years on I’m curious – are regional galleries and museums collecting digital, or new media, art? It would be great to hear about what people are up to out here….

ZenDV; Bluescreen and Bars and Tone, 2002, Auckland. Stella Brennan. Purchased 2009. Te Papa

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