Discover Love Festival Poetry Competition winner!

Valentine’s Day is over, but let’s keep the love in our hearts with some love poetry from Te Papa’s visitors. Children visiting Inspiration Station were asked to write a poem about love. It could be about a person (like your mum or dad), a thing (like a hobby or pet), or a place (like Te Papa!). Anything, as long as they loved it!

From Beatnik to Shakespearean, we had all styles. With no further ado, here are the winning poems!

4 to 8 category winner!

Phoebe Hayward, age 4:

I love to swim in the pool

It is cool

It is cold

I’ll still love swimming when I’m old

It is cool, having a pool, at my school

4 to 8 category highly commended

Shakira, age 8:

Love is a feeling from deep inside, it’s not just a little feeling, it’s deep down in you.

The most important feeling of all

Rahzel Solomon, age 5:

I love you,

You love me,

We are the best in the coutry.

9 to 12 category winner!

Briana Ranstead, age 10:

I’m falling, falling, falling cause you’re all I see.

Thinking, thinking, thinking of you, and of me.

My mind is always with you, my heart, body and soul.

Your spirit’s always wild, like a young, galloping foal.

I have just one thing to tell you, and I really hope you see:

I really really LOVE you, you, and me.

9 to 12 category highly commended

Georgina, age 9:

Love is like a lobster sometimes

It is sharp but it tastes good!

Trinity, age 10:

Love is contagious

like a flu or cold

I love my family

so I write it in BOLD!

We were really impressed with our young poets. I hope you like them as much as we did!

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