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Scrolling through the thousands of images you have sent us over the past few years there are certain favourites that continue to delight not just the moderators but the majority of visitors too.

You will probably know them already – we see the perennials constantly returning to the ‘most viewed’ images on the Wall. Possibly the most viewed photo is the one of a slightly out-of-focus Giant Bubble created out on Wellington’s waterfront. Just look at those fantastic colours floating in the air.

There in one single moment in time is all of our childhood wonder and delight at such a marvellous thing…a beautiful bubble which will burst any moment and leave us slightly sad but smiling that we saw it. It’s hardly a surprise then that a man can turn bubbles into a career and bring joy to thousands of kids-of- all-ages. Great big bubbles, bubbles within bubbles, multi-story bubbles, magical bubbles.

The thing about visiting the Museum is to try and remember the sheer delight of your first visits as a child. We see it every day as children cannot contain the joy of discovery, squealing as they try and take it all in. Then as they grow and return to that wonderfully silly moment when they recognise an old friend like the waterball at the front door. Cool! Following on are favourites that capture the Wahoo moments of our lives…that moment of Freedom, no shackles just busting out and having fun.

“When I grow up I want to be a kid”. Hold that thought and you’ll have just the ‘Bestest’ adventures right throughout your life.

by RG, OurSpace moderator and host

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