Taku reo ko toku akairo: celebrating Cook Islands language week 2012

Cloak; FE000628; Gift of Te Aia Mataiapo, 1872; Te Papa

Cloak; FE000628; Gift of Te Aia Mataiapo, 1872; Te Papa

To celebrate Cook Islands language week (6 -10 August), the Pacific Cultures team will be blogging about collection items from the Cook Islands. Language is a key element of culture and helps us give meaning to things we use and create in everyday life – from artworks to costume to performance and song. Keep an eye on the Te Papa blog over the next seven days, for insight into the language and culture of the Cook Islands!

A highlight of this week will be back of house tours of the Pacific Cultures Collection store room.

Dates: Wednesday 8 August 2012 and Friday 10 August 2012
Time: 12 noon
Meeting place: Front entrace foyer of the Museum of New Zealand  Te Papa Tongarewa

Bookings to be made to Grace Hutton on (04) 381 7221 or graceh@tepapa.govt.nz

For more information about Cook Islands language week, please view the Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs website link below: http://www.mpia.govt.nz/celebrate-cook-islands-language-week-6-10-august-2012/

Read more about a Cook Islands dance costume in Te Papa’s collection: http://blog.tepapa.govt.nz/2010/03/26/dance-costume-cook-islands-style/

Meitaki Ma’ata!

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