Trichomanes endlicherianum

Trichomanes endlicherianum. Note the tubular reproductive structures that characterise the genus. By contrast, the reproductive structures in Hymenophyllum are each enclosed by two distinct flaps. Trichomanes endlicherianum is almost always found on shaded, near-vertical rock faces. It occasionally grows on trees, particularly at the bases of nikau palms. The similar Trichomanes venosum commonly grows on the trunks of tree ferns, but is easily distinguished on account of having multiple veins in each segment of the frond. Photo © Leon Perrie.

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  1. Leon Perrie

    Hi Chris,
    Many people have already adopted the generic changes proposed by Ebihara et al. (2006) for Trichomanes s.l., including the NZPCN. We haven’t done so yet at Te Papa, but will probably in due course. Pat is currently drafting an electronic Flora treatment for the New Zealand Hymenophyllaceae, and that seems a good time for us to make any substantial taxonomic changes (like generic names).

  2. Chris Horne

    Leon – is the generic name unchanged, or has it changed to Polyphlebium?


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