West Coast Fern Fieldwork 2012, 3 – Sticherus

Sticherus, or umbrella ferns, were one of the groups we were targeting during our fieldwork.  

Three species of Sticherus co-occurring at a site near Stockton. Photo Leon Perrie. © Te Papa.

In the photo above, from near Stockton, are three species of Sticherus.  In the upper-left, with mostly dead fronds, is Sticherus cunninghamii (umbrella fern), which is a common species through much of New Zealand.  The other two species, in the overhang, have previously been misidentified as Sticherus flabellatus.  Although Sticherus flabellatus has been recorded from the South Island, it appears that in New Zealand it is actually restricted to the northern North Island.  (It also occurs in Australia, New Guinea, and New Caledonia.)

Sticherus cunninghamii, with its arching frond branches. Photo Leon Perrie. © Te Papa.

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