`ula fala (pandanus key necklace)

This type of necklace is called an 'ulafala. It is most often worn by Samoan tulafale (orator chiefs). In the context of oratory performances, 'ulafala are important markers of social status. In other social and ceremonial situations they can help identify a special guest or simply act as an attractive adornment. 'Ulafala are made from segments of the pandanus fruit described by botantists as carpels, phalanges, or keys. The colour of the fruit spans a range from yellow through to orange and red when ripe. Red is a colour associated with high rank. This 'ulafala has been painted bright red, making it difficult to miss at any ceremony or function.

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  1. seanjmallon

    Hi Martena,
    Thank you for your question. The word ‘ulafala can be broken down into “‘ula” which means necklace or garland and “fala” which referes to the fruit of the fala or pandanus tree…’ulafala.

  2. martena

    i said why is a ula fala called a ula fala dumb te papa


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