Wellington – There is still time to support Te Papa

5pm tomorrow, Friday 18 May, is the deadline for Wellington City Council to receive your written submissions on the Draft Long Term plan. It is in this plan that Wellington City Council proposes to cut our funding by $1.25 million, to $1 million for the next 10 years.

If you were meaning to send in a written submission but haven’t gotten round to it yet, there is still time! The Wellington City Council have an has an interactive website to make an official submissions online.

The main points to include are:

–          the WCC should maintain Te Papa’s funding at $2.25 million per year, funding should not be decreased
–          Wellington should support Te Papa as a major visitor attraction for the city that draws in tourists
–          Te Papa sustains employment equivalent to almost 1,500 Wellington city jobs annually.

Another option is to email all councillors at once via councillors@wcc.govt.nz or contact them individually via the Wellington City Council website

Remember the deadline for official submissions is this Friday 18 May at 5pm; however, councillors will only be making their decision on 27 June, so we encourage you to keep talking to them over the next month.

We would like to thank everyone who came in to support Te Papa by sticking up a post-it note on our Save Our Services boards and writing submissions while in Te Papa.  We will be delivering these to the Wellington City Council on your behalf.

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  1. roxanmathys

    Hi Azalaisdeveyrac,
    I think you have to be a Wellingtonian to make an official submission, but there is nothing stopping you sending an email to the councillors.
    Thanks for the support!

  2. azalaisdeveyrac

    Can those of us outside NZ also help?


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