Wellingtonians – Save our Services with a Council Submission

As you’ve now heard, Te Papa is calling on its Wellington ratepayers to support our services by making official council submissions.

Wellington City Council has an interactive website where you can make official submissions online.

Remember, when you’re filling in the Online Submission Form – Wellington City Council classes Te Papa as a Visitor Attraction that develops Wellington’s economy so the key points we are encouraging ratepayers to support us with are:

  • The WCC should maintain Te Papa’s funding at $2.25 million per year. Funding should not be decreased.
  •  Wellington should support Te Papa as a major visitor attraction for the city that draws in tourists
  • Te Papa is the most popular activity destination in Wellington City.
  • 96% of Wellington City visitors come back more than twice and 60% visit 5 or more times every year.
  • Te Papa sustains employment equivalent to almost 1,500 Wellington city jobs annually

Also – thousands of you have told us what makes Te Papa special, we would also love you to tell the council that, take a moment to write about your special Te Papa experience and favourite Te Papa facilities in the comments boxes on the website or in your written submission.

Again, we’ve said it a lot, but we’ll say it again – the outpouring of support we have had through this campaign has been amazing. You’ve given us thousands of great ideas and messages of support, and we are truly grateful.

We are proud to provide services (childhood learning experiences, regular exhibition changes, Wellington Free days) to our local communities and want to be able to continue them.

And – here’s the latest from the SOS – Save our Services Board


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