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How does jewellery addess issues of identity? What’s the connection between a cruise ship and an ice skating rink? How does photography expose events from the past?  You can find the answers to these and other questions  in the video interviews with artists whose work features in  Collecting Contemporary .  Here’s a glimpse of the artists we’ve filmed:

Over the past year, Collecting Contemporary has shown the work of 41 contemporary New Zealand artists in a fantastic range of media including painting, furniture design, jewellery, photography, sculpture, video and ceramics.   When opportunities arose, the exhibition team filmed interviews with some of those artists, including Jim Allen, Martin Poppelwell, Sriwhana Spong, Paratene Matchitt, Ann Shelton, and Shigeyuki Kihara.  

Warwick Freeman in his studio. Photo by Michael Hall copyright Te Papa

Warwick Freeman in his studio. Photo by Michael Hall copyright Te Papa

Filming in the artist’s studio is truly stepping inside the world of the artist.  The colourful clutter of the jeweler’s work bench is in stark contrast to the minimalist space of the abstract painter.  Artists  Warwick Freeman, John Parker, Maddie Leach, Simon Morris and Lisa Walker  invited us to film them at work and shared some wonderful insights into the creative process. All the artist interviews can be viewed in the exhibition and online.

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    Lovely comment, thank you Frankie!

  2. frankiep

    Beautiful works. Beautifully produced and edited videos, including/particularly the intro!


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