Talk: mapping NZ’s plants

Next Tuesday night (27th March), I’m giving a talk at Wellington’s Otari Wilton’s Bush about how (and why) maps are generated from dried plant specimens in collections like those of Te Papa. I’ll also introduce some of the new internet tools that are making distribution information about New Zealand’s plants more readily available.

Details: 7.30pm, 27th March 2012, Otari Wilton’s Bush Information Centre, 160 Wilton Road.

Hooker’s spleenwort fern (Asplenium hookerianum) and its distribution in New Zealand based on specimens in Te Papa’s collection.

For those interested, but unable to attend, these are some of the useful internet resources:

NZ Plant Name Database

NZ Plant Conservation Network

Te Papa’s Collections Online 

NZ Virtual Herbarium

NZ eFlora

I intend to finish the talk with some discussion of the ‘weedy’ native plants present in Wellington.

Find out more about Te Papa’s plant collections.

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