Is Te Papa Your Friend or Foe?

Well, Kia Ora everyone – Firstly, I’d like to introduce myself, I’m Filipo Katavake-McGrath, the communications person here at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa and you can find out more about me here

 I’m going to start up a discussion, the first of many for the next year … basically I’d like to keep tabs on what our blog-readers, friends, cohorts think about the online experience with Te Papa.

 SO… QUESTION ONE:  Tell me about what Te Papa means to you? Is it a friend? A foe? Does it excite you? Does Te Papa really p**s you off at times? Is there some other way you express what it means? Does it not really mean that much to you at all?

 And… why? Why do you feel the way you do about Te Papa (or not?)

 Think of this as an informal conversation, hopefully I’ll get some comments which will generate new strands of discussion and also hopefully in the mix I’ll throw in some crazy ideas as problem-solving suggestions (my colleagues are quickly realising, I’m the crazy ideas guy).

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: 1) Answer the questions … just get it off your chest… don’t be afraid to say what you feel (I know the majority of us kiwi’s don’t do that we just simmer never get it out … just say it!)

2) Be honest – if there’s something negative, say it but don’t say it for rudeness sake, explain why you feel that way as a member of the community who relates with Te Papa.

3) Don’t be a hater – don’t denigrate the responses of other people, our webmaster team will take care of clearly abusive responses… keep our eyes on the prize (sharing our views).

4) And if you want to say something, but don’t want everyone to see it… you can email it to me put Blog Response in the subject line

 Go to it, hope to hear from you all soon… ‘Lipo :o)

5 Responses

  1. Jenny Benton

    Love the blogs, well most of them, a few are over my head! As a lifelong Hutt Valley-ite Te Papa is “my” museum. We visit quite regularly, and I am really looking forward to the Wedding Dress exhibition.

    Just trying to think what I don’t like – nothing springs to mind. The staff who I talk to are all helpful, I love the big exhibitions and don’t mind at all having to pay to get in to see them. After all, I’m sure they come at a cost. Everything else is free, so we can’t get better than that.

    Thanks for the chance to chat, and now we know who to get in touch with about any issues.


  2. Adele

    I will have to come down one day and wander through Te Papa, last visit was Anne Frank exhibition.. but came down on a bus, easier from Wairarapa.. I wasnt into history when I lived in Wellington, been up this way for 20 years.. before that.. London, my hometown.. we dont appreciate what we have around us until we move!! So reading Blogs keeps my interest up..

  3. tepapacomms

    Hi Rose and Hi Adele – thanks for the welcome and thanks for your comments!
    I agree, not all of our blog readers like to get chatty …and yes, I’d like to hear from a greater number of out-of-Wellington’ers to get their perspective too.
    ;o) ‘Lipo

  4. rose

    I luuuuurve the Te Papa blogs!! They are so interesting!! But I dont necessarily want to engage in dialogue around them. I regard them as a source of information. And I go to Te Papa at least once a month …. but then I live and work very close.

    Te Papa is definitely a friend …. but maybe Wellingtonians get the most benefit??

  5. Adele

    Welcome aboard! I for one, very interested in learning what is going on down at Te Papa.



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