Day Two: We have a Lighthouse!

There’s no better way to capitalise on Wellington’s famous sunny day conditions than to continue building on the tape art experience from Day 1, and set against the backdrop of an inspiring blue sky above Whānganui a Tāra (Wellington Harbour) the tape art of Erica Duthie and Struan Ashby continues. And while yesterday it was pretty close to ground level with people and a hill being taped-up… today, enter in two cranes hoisting our artists to much loftier heights than yesterdays ladders could reach.

When today’s photos were taken, groups of school children off all ages were running past already itching to play with the tape – however, security bollards around the big cranes put paid to their little plans… but only for a short time we promise!

And on the wall – a hill, which on it sits a huge (4 story tall) lighthouse, and when I was walking past – a basket with people inside (above which I hope will be a hot-air baloon, OR some other mode of transport).

So, the plan is that the sand-coloured wall immediately to the left of the main doors to Te Papa will be covered in tape art… and it will be joined by more tape art on the grey wall to the right of the main doors this weekend – and at the end of the project, the tape will be torn down by members of the public (more or less, anyone who wants to come along and deinstall it).

Question – have you been along yet? If not, go – grab some pics of yourself there, add them to your own facebook album and then share them to!/TePapa
or look out for our our blog on facebook and add your pics in we’d love to share your experiences with the world.

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  1. tepapacomms

    Hey there, thanks for the comment – and yep its all finished, it came down on Moday – have added another blog with more pics from the last few hours before it came down.

  2. about snakes

    innovative idea!is it finished ?


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