Animal and plant collections

Te Papa’s Natural Environment team have revamped their webpages. You can access them here.

Collection highlights online include:

North Island Brown Kiwi, Apteryx mantelli, New Zealand. Te Papa

The following links will take you to more information on specific collections:

Let us know below what additional information you would like to see online about Te Papa’s collections of animals and plants.

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  1. Leon Perrie

    yes, Bruce is leading the way with the molluscs, and it means that good distribution maps are already available for many molluscs (e.g., I would like to see all of the databased Natural Environment specimens available through Collections Online in the medium term. There’s a few technical issues to sort first. In the mean time, Te Papa’s databased plant specimens are alternatively available via the Virtual Herbarium ( which collates the databased collections of New Zealand’s herbaria. It is also worth noting that Te Papa still has a LOT of databasing of plant and animal specimens to do.

  2. kristelle

    good to see so many of the molluscs online!


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