Remarkable abundance of sharks in the Kermadec Islands

Wed 11/05/11

Our video deployments are revealing day after day a bit more of the particular fish fauna of the Raoul Island. The most remarkable feature we observe is the large amount of sharks. And to be honest, I would not like them to come to close during a dive. Bronze whalers and galapagos sharks are here very common. It is not surprising to find them in high abundance since the area is protected and have consequently not been fished.

Deployment of a video unit

Deployment of a video unit

The survey is progressing well and we hope having completed our deployments in about 2-3 days. The weather is decent, without being exceptional. We had to work every day in 2-3m swells which did not cause us too much problems.

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  1. about snakes

    sorry i meant hear not heat

  2. about snakes

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    contents de te suivre , bonne pêche….


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