Joining the Kermadec expedition

Our Fish team will join a team of 15 researchers travelling to the Kermadec Islands (around 1000km north east of NZ) for three weeks to collect new specimens, hopefully identify new species and learn about one of the most pristine (and isolated) marine environments in the world.

The team ready to sail and join with our Fish team © M Francis

The team ready to sail and join up with our Fish team © M Francis

Also on the expedition is a team from Auckland Museum (including expedition lead Dr Tom Trnski) and researchers from the Department of Conservation, the Australian Museum and NIWA. You can find out more about the trip and join in on the voyage of discovery by following the daily blog at

Follow the Kermadec expedition

The team includes a photographer and writer and they will be keeping you up to date with what happens on the ship each day and what the researchers are finding. You can leave a comment or question on the Kermadec Expedition blog and a shore-based team will answer them if they know the answer or pass them on to the Kermadecs team aboard the RV Braveheart – to answer when they find a moment between dives!

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  1. Lisa

    Kia ora ra – just to clarify – Te Papa’s fish team are already in the Kermadecs on a seperate expedidtion[see Vincent’s recent blog posts on this blog].


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