Arrival of Te Papa researchers to Raoul islands (Kermadec)

Saturday 07/05

We finally arrived at Raoul Island in the morning after a very rough night due to nasty weather. We basically jumped from our bed, every 30 seconds following a big swell, discovering the joy of gravity at the same time. It can be funny, for a moment, and if you do not touch too much the ceiling…. The weather stayed bad until we arrived at Raoul where everyone was happy to find shelter and finally get some food in our disturbed stomach.

Luckily after that, the sky opened and let us discover the beauty of Raoul Island. We found the time to make two video and two trap samples. The clarity of the water is amazing, with a depth of field of more than 15m at 100m depth.

Beautiful sunlight on the south-western Denham Bay.

Beautiful sunlight on the south-western Denham Bay.

Tomorrow, we will have a full day working. We will be able to study the deep-sea fish fauna of the Kermadec Islands.

Speak to you soon.

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  1. romain

    good luck guys!!! take a lot of fush!!


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