Bush City’s residents

Mamaku, Cyathea medullaris, in Te Papa's Bush City. Photo Leon Perrie, (c) Te Papa.

Want to know more about the plants in Bush City?

Bush City is Te Papa’s only living, outdoor exhibition.

Information about some of the plants in Bush City is now available from Te Papa’s Collections Online.

Let me know if you are interested in a plant in Bush City that is not included in the initial set of twelve. This will help me prioritise additional species to write about.

You can find more details on the uses of the featured plants in the cited references.  In particular, the book by Andrew Crowe, A Field Guide to the Native Edible Plants of New Zealand, should be available from public libraries (and bookstores).

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  1. Bush Properties

    Your going to love it!

  2. Leon Perrie

    I’d love to get into the Raukumara Park one day for a good look.
    As it happens, I’m going to the Waioeka Gorge area over Easter; that’s the venue for this year’s Bryophyte Workshop, and I’m visiting the lead organiser.

  3. Bush Properties

    Well anywhere you can fit down there is what I do. I am lucky in that my wife’s family have some land down there. So when we go bush walking we really go bush!

    There are some great doc tracks there though:


    It really is rugged country and not for the inexperienced so asides from the light stuff caution is key over there. But if you are game enough to get right into it you will not be disappointed,this area has some of the most pristine examples of undisturbed Native bush in the country.

  4. Leon Perrie

    Glad you found it interesting.
    Can you please recommend good places of native forest to visit between Opotiki and Gisborne? I haven’t spend much time there.
    I tramped a few hours into one of the Northland forests (Warawara) a few weeks ago and that was pretty cool! Lots of big trees; kauri but many other tall species too.

  5. Bush Properties

    Cool man! When I saw the notification of this post come in through the email I thought to my self what is this?

    I had no idea there was a living display at Te Papa. Like most kiwi’s I’m bush crazy. I just wish there was more of it left for us to play in up north.

    My main interest is in trees especially the Large ones, there are some beaut examples of prehistoric looking native bush on the east coast Between Opotiki and Gisborne, I’ve never seen the likes elsewhere.

    But I’m still most interested to see what grows around Wellington, Keep it up I’m loving it.


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