Bio-blitzing Mana

The Mana Bioblitz  is currently on.

A Bioblitz is a count of all the species in an area. I recently visited Mana Island with Antony, one of Te Papa’s Botany Collection Managers, to contribute to the botanical cause.

Inflorescence of Helminthotheca echiodes (oxtongue). Leon Perrie, © Te Papa.

Azolla filiculoides, a floating aquatic fern. Red ponds are due to these ferns. Leon Perrie, © Te Papa.

Modiola caroliniana (creeping mallow); in the mallow family. Leon Perrie, © Te Papa.

Close up of the inflorescence of the daisy Achillea millefolium (yarrow). Leon Perrie, © Te Papa.

Medicago arabica (spotted bur medick), a member of the pea family related to clover. Note the distinctive black markings on the leaflets. Leon Perrie, © Te Papa.

The distinctive forked hairs on the leaves of Leontodon taraxacoides (hawkbit) distinguish it from similar dandelion-type plants. Leon Perrie, © Te Papa.

Centaurium erythraea (centaury); a weed from the gentian family. Leon Perrie, © Te Papa.

Antony being attacked by a head band of Calystegia silvatica (great bindweed). Leon Perrie, © Te Papa.

The initial products of five hours on Mana Island: two herbarium presses containing specimens to be identified, plus a plastic bag full of seaweeds collected from beach drift for our phycological colleagues. Leon Perrie, © Te Papa.

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